And a pat on the back to me

Did you see what I just did? First day of the new year, and already a new blog post.

And because it’s the January 1st, here is my obligatory post about resolutions. I enjoy writing them, and I always set a series of goals for myself. They are generally realistic, but not always easy. Here is an abridged list:

1. Buy running shoes. Use them. Stretch more, and do crunches before bed.

1a. Keep room clean so there is floor space to do crunches in.

2. Find a hook, bowl, or other device to keep my keys organized. Almost every time I leave the house, I have to scramble to find at least one set of keys (home or work). Not good.

3. Hang art in my room. Hang cork board and white erase board. Aside from a small mirror, my walls are actually bare right now. I’ve been meaning to hang things for too long.

4. Dye hair purple. Another thing I’ve put off lately. It’s been dark purple before, but I want it more of a lavender. I may just dye the tips, at least at first to get a feel for the shade. I was going to do it on a whim a few weeks ago, and I went through the bleaching process, but the bleach didn’t work. Too old maybe?

4a. I also might cut my bangs, à la Zooey Deshanel. I get nervous about cutting my hair, because the growing out process is time-intensive. I’m more willing to experiment with colors. If I decide I don’t like it, I can dye it again.

4b. Also, trim hair regularly, and get it done by a professional. I went a few weeks ago after a LONG hiatus from hair salons (as in more than 7 years) and my hairdresser scolded me on how I’ve been treating my hair. I was berated into submission.

5. Clean shelves and reorganize them. I’ve got a great big bookcase that isn’t being well utilized.

6. If I don’t wear it, and I don’t use it, get rid of it. This won’t exactly be a change, as I’m pretty good about filtering my belongings and I send many many things to thrift stores. I hate accumulating clutter, although to look at my room right now you wouldn’t know it. I need to further downsize because I have a small bedroom and limited storage space.

Voila. Resolutions.


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