On resolutions

Heh. So I just read back a few posts and saw one I wrote this past January, in which I pledged to post more in 2011. That did not happen. Although this will be my third post of December. Go me.

My resolutions weren’t a total waste of time.

I saved money, which was made much easier when I moved in with my family in Belmont. Rent can suck up a paycheck right quick. Without that in my way, I’ve been great at making sure my spending is down and my saving is up. I plan to continue this.

I made loan payments on time. I got rid of the national geographic collection I was keeping in my apartment. (They used to be my grandfathers. The oldest was from 1927, I believe, and if I had the space I would have loved to keep them.)

On the other hand, I did not keep my room clean. The number of movies I saw did not increase, although the number of books I read did. I did not apply to grad school last year, as I had planned, but I am this year. So, you win some, lose some.

I’m starting to think about my resolutions for 2012. I have a couple solid ideas but nothing I want to commit to paper yet. I’ll update you next week.


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