Took a major break from the blog. Have lots to do on here: a bajillion bookmarked cool things to talk about, a comic to review, job/school decisions to discuss…

Let’s start with what I’ve been up to since I was last on here. I started a part-time job, which takes about 30 hours per week. (Actually this week I’m working 47. Oy.) I’m a Customer Service Representative at CVS, which is a fancy way of saying I’m a cashier. But the manager thinks that if I stay there for a couple of years, I  could be a manager. In the meantime, however, I make $6.80/hour after taxes. Hmmph.

Also, I am apparently really bad at counting change.

I work with some nice people, I like most of the supervisors. They’re all pretty young.

Some notes:

I started making bread again. I don’t have a manual for my machine, but I looked one up online. The problem with me baking bread is that I eat bread. Especially when no one else in my apartment eats it. I’ll go through a loaf in 2 days. Not good.

I also made a swamp in the plant in my room. It took me a while to figure out where the smell was coming from. The plant is next to my door, so as soon as I walked in the smell smacked me over the head. It was sour, like vinegar. A really unpleasant smell to have in my bedroom. Eventually I realized the plant was sitting in a 7-inch puddle of water, for who knows how long. I dumped it out, rinsed out the pot and the smell has mostly gone away.

My phone is being weird. It doesn’t always let me make calls- it’ll say ‘Network Busy.’ With certain numbers, it’ll say that 5 out of 6 times. Other numbers it rarely does it. Might be time for a replacement soon.

I dyed my hair about a week ago. I don’t like it. It’s dark brown. I prefer it with red, I think.

Aaaaand that’s all for tonight, methinks.



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  1. Hi Supriya,My first time here and have already boekmarkod several of your recipes. (this one included). Definitely trying this flatbread in the next couple days.BTW, for your option 4, have you considered taking a quick picture of the recipe with your favorite camera / phone. I do it often and then put it into a pdf or whatever Have fun and thanks for sharing your recipes ~Varada

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