I LOVE getting rid of stuff. I also love buying stuff, which means I always have a lot to get rid of. Win-win.

Clutter makes me feel stressed. Getting rid of things calms me down, and de-clutters my brain. Things are just that- things. Objects. I think there should be a limit as to how many objects we attach our emotions to. And I have fun deciding what objects I want to keep around, and what I pass on. My sister goes through everything before I make a trip to the thrift store, and she often takes shoes and clothes I’m getting rid of.

TV shows like Clean House and articles like this beg the question: How much stuff does it take before we’re happy?

I really enjoyed reading about one man’s decision to eliminate the meaningless things from his life. I very much doubt I could get down to 100 belongings, particularly as I inherited a lot of my mother’s possessions after she died. But I take inspiration from him. Everyone accumulates clutter; it’s inevitable. Everyone should therefore take time, even as infrequently as every few years, to de-clutter.

My mother did not share my theory. She loved things. In one of our homes, we had a library, an exercise room, a sewing room, a music room, and a room that was just storage. When we moved into a smaller house, we had a serious space issue. We did however have a separate building that was just storage. That’s not healthy. We had too much stuff for the amount of space we had. And I would much rather get rid of stuff so someone else can actually use it, rather than allow it to collect dust.

Space is another motivator for me now; I currently live with my grandparents and a lot of my things are stored in their barn because there isn’t enough room in the house. So I go through my boxes and bags that are stored away pretty regularly, figuring out what I want to keep, what I will use.

Of course, I could have saved a lot (and I mean a LOT) of money over the years if I spent less frivolously and accumulated less clutter to begin with. Such is life. I do make smarter purchases now. I try to buy things that are higher quality, that will last longer. Sometimes this means spender more on a single item, but if I am going to like it more, and use it longer, I think it’s worth it.


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