Bucket list- incomplete

1. See enough countries and taste enough local dishes that I can consider myself a world traveler.

A big chunk of my list is related to traveling. I have a framed fortune cookie in my room that reads, ‘You are a traveler at heart. There will be many journeys.’ I love learning about different cultures, and I want to take as many opportunities as possible to experience them firsthand. I haven’t seen much, yet- I’ve only used my passport once- but when I die, it will be filled with stamps.

2. Travel by bicycle.

Either across a country or across a state, I want to push myself physically and mentally.

3. Get my drivers license.

Most people get theirs in their teen years. I had planned on getting some driving hours in this summer, but so far that hasn’t happened.

4. Quit my job.

This one needs a little explanation. Inspired by this guy. ‘Quit my job’ is really just one possible manifestation of what I want to do. I want to stick up for myself to someone with more power, by realizing that I should be treated better.

5. Have my portrait painted.

Not nude. Probably. Even if I had the guts to get that done, I don’t think I would want to hang it in my house. But I would like someone to draw me.

6. Adopt a child.

7. Ride in a helicopter.

8. Travel India by train.

From a travel website (cited at the bottom of the page): “With its extensive rail network, this mode of transport is the best way to see one of the world’s most colorful and diverse countries.”

Considering the country purely by its aesthetics, I am very attracted to India. I love its rich colors in textiles, in paint.

9. See ‘The Lion King’ on Broadway.

I seem to miss it every time. I have the soundtrack on my computer, and greeting cards with art inspired by the costumes, but I’ve never seen it. One of these days.

10. Go skinny-dipping.

11. Make a living doing what I love.

That’s the dream for everyone, isn’t it? But I have found a career path that I think I could truly enjoy. Now I just need the job.

12. Learn how to fly a two-passenger plane.

My brother took lessons when he was in his teens. A few years ago I was asked if I wanted to do it as well, and I said no. I changed my mind.

13. Start a pen pal relationship with someone on death row.

14. I don’t know what the word for it is, but I want to be in one of those cages that they lower into the ocean while sharks swim around you.

Dive with a whale shark. Swimming with these gentle giants is among the most powerful wilderness experiences in the world.

15. Attend Brazil’s Carnival parade.

16. Learn to surf.

3 friends and I tried to learn in Hawaii (without a teacher). Some of us were more successful than others. I never got to the stand up part.

17. Publish an article, poem or short story.

I started writing creatively again last Spring, when I took a creative writing course at BU. Now I am writing fairly regularly, not as often as I should, but on my own. Some of my writing is online under the ‘Writing’ section on this site (just poems, I haven’t figured out how to put short stories on here so that they are readable and not bogged down text blocks). But anyway, I want to open a magazine (or book!) and see my name, and see my writing.

18. Volunteer abroad.

I’m thinking of applying to the Peace Corps. I don’t want a linear life plan. I don’t really want a plan. Although I do have aspirations that require a lot of money, I am in no rush to climb any corporate ladder. I want to be a perpetual student (and that could means going to school again or just making an effort to LEARN all the time, from people around me, from books, etc.) and have life experiences I am excited and proud to relate to family and friends.

That was a not-so-clear explanation on that one. Sorry.

19. Hitchhike.

This is something I am terrified to do. And it isn’t something I would do alone.

20. Cross a glacier on foot.

I read this idea online, and didn’t want to include it in my list until I realized: these are fast-disappearing. Future generations may only be able to see glaciers in picture books. I want to see them in person.

21. Meet someone famous.

I’ve never even SEEN someone famous, except on stage. I want to see a celebrity/politician in the real world.

22. Join a choral group.

I love singing, and music. I was in my high school’s treble choir, and I have a treble clef on my ankle. I miss being part of a singing group. It’s very therapeutic.

23. Learn how to sail.

This is something I could do while I’m in Boston; they give lessons right at the harbor.

24. Keep a garden. For 30 days, survive on what I have grown.

I am interested in sustainability, and in lowering my personal carbon footprint. I’m increasingly disappointed in America’s consumerist culture. (I’m also a hypocrite. I love shopping. But I probably visit thrift stores and yard sales more than any mall store, so that makes me feel a little better about myself. I also wont throw away anything that someone else might be able to use- I take everything to thrift stores.) But anyway, I am curious about ‘green’ living. There are too many people on the planet, and I want to make a positive difference, no matter how small an impact it has on the big picture.

Sidenote: I know, I know. I got a degree in advertising, where (according to one mindset) I will be convincing people to spend their money on things they don’t really need, and got by fine without. I promise to (try to) use my powers for good.

25. Participate in Burning Man.

I’ve done a lot of reading on this bizarre festival, and can’t say I understand it.

26. Learn to crochet and knit.

My mother made amazing things with needles and string, and I never picked it up. (I can’t sew either, but I have no urge to learn.) My grandmother makes mittens for donation to clothing drives and gifts. I want to be able to wear a sweater I made (or at least a scarf.)

27. Attend a music festival, in this or another country.

Ideally this will be completed while I still enjoy the music and the atmosphere.

28. Partake in a Japanese Tea Ceremony. This timeless tradition is at the heart of Japanese culture.

29. Visit the birthplace or gravesite of a cultural icon. Could be Che Guevara or Picasso or Levi Strauss or the guy who invented widgets; anyone you think is important.

30. Ride a burro at the Grand Canyon.

31. Go bungee-jumping.

I went skydiving already, so I can’t include that on my list. It was an incredible thrill, though, and I plan to go again. I had meant to take my brother and sister this summer, but money got in the way. Bungee jumping is the next step.

32. Visit every capital city in Europe. The crowded continent is full of beautiful architecture and diverse cultures.

33. Watch an orchestral performance in Vienna.

34. Invest in a piece of art.

I was at an art auction in March and was duped into buying two prints, when I was led to believe they were original paintings. I was very disappointed. I was able to return them and get most of my money back, though.

35. Learn to like wine.

I feel like I SHOULD like wine. I want to.

36. Get my master’s degree.

37. Ride an elephant.

38. Adopt a cat.

All of the family pets we’ve had were adopted. Puppy mills are hideous places, and I will never buy a pet from a pet store. This fall I will be adopting my own cat (maybe kitten).

39. Get my motorcycle license.

I read about half of ‘The Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ this summer and it bored me to tears, but it did affirm my desire for a motorcycle. The descriptions of traveling by bike were comparative to a type of meditation.

40. Participate in the world’s biggest water fight during Thailand’s New Year’s festivities.

I’ve never heard about this before, but MAN does it sound fun.

41. Buy my own apartment/house.

42. Inspire someone.

I know this is terribly vague. I want to be someone’s muse.



Credit: Some of these ideas were inspired by other peoples lists. Sites include:

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